Where We Work

Adullam Missions Evangelistic Network has a mandate to reach the un-reached and touch the un-touched and bring freedom, hope and empowerment to the nations.

In the light of the above we have been working in 6 districts of Sierra Leone namely Western Area, Port Loko, Bombali-Makeni, Kono, Kailahun and Kenema.

Map Sierra Leone

In the Western Area, we have 2 churches, 1 in the West end and 1 in the East end of the city and 1 primary school in the East end of the city.

Port Loko is home to our agriculture project where we hope to start planting more cassava and processing of it for the wider market and even export.

In Makeni, the district headquarter town of Bombali district, we run 2 churches and 2 schools.  In an area called New London in the heart of Makeni Township, the Mission has 1 church and 2 schools, I primary and 1 Junior Secondary school. In another area called Makeni Loll, we also run a church in the community that has blessed the lives of the people.

Kono District, the land of diamonds holds 5 assemblies. One in koidu town, Bungalow, the second in Sukudo and the third one in Ngandorhun, forth one in Miama No.11 and Koeyor. We also run a Child Sponsorship program in Kono.
In Kailahun we run 2 churches and 1 school. 1 church in the main kailahun area in a section called Masanta and the second church is in the Kulula section which also holds a primary school.

Kenema district is the most recent of our activities in church planting and in November of 2010 we started a fellowship there in an area called Lumbaybo and the church is growing rapidly.